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I have the privilege of working with extraordinary women, all of them stepping up and out to make a positive impact on people's lives and businesses.


I've found each client individually passionate about what they do and their mission to make a true difference with it - in people's lives and in their way of thinking about themselves, their business, love, life. And by working with them on their respective design and media projects, I learn and push my own boundaries further because of what I see in them and what they do.  Their lives and work inspire me to do my best work and live my life in a more optimal way.


Client Testimonials
Illumineer Media & Design Client | Danny Stevens

 'Working with Yolanda on my website was an absolute pleasure. Her highly creative and innovative approach is refreshing.


She also did not hesitate to go the extra mile in terms of content and changes. I can recommend Yolanda to all who want to want to up their "web game!'


Danny Stevens

Owner and Founder of Thought Adventures Life Coaching


Website / Landing Pages: 






Illumineer Media & Design Client | Jess Qvist


'When I stumbled across Yolanda, I felt that it was meant to be. She was able to understand my vision perfectly and capture exactly what was going on in my mind. 


Yolanda is extremely professional and constantly communicated with me via email and skype. She always made sure that I was aware of what she was in the process of creating and she would check concepts and ideas with me so that I always felt that I had a direct involvement in the formation of my website. 


Yolanda is also a lovely woman and extremely comfortable to talk to. She has a warm energy and she really puts 100% into her work. Today, I am very grateful and privileged that she designed my website, Facebook cover photo and profile picture, and I really feel that she has improved my brand.'



Jess Qvist

Student & Owner and creator of '44 Life is Magical'

Website: https://www.44lifeismagical.com/ 


Illumineer Media & Design Client | Ammaarah Petersen

 I am absolutely excited and happy with the work and designs I have had done by illumineer Media & Design.


The designs are very trendy and innovative with high quality images and styling.

I love how Yolanda plays with the concept and truly brings out the feel and style through her designs.  Will recommend for all design work. 


Ammaarah Petersen

Owner and Founder of HotChefs & Ammaarah-licious

Website: http://hotchefs.co.za 


Illumineer Media & Design Client | Vanessa Sanders


'Yolanda from Illumineer Media and Design has been able to listen, guide and work with The Corporate Change Maker's team to create a powerful and stunning brand  (Mini Branding kit) for our newly developed business. 


We found Yolanda to be extremely accommodating, easily accessible and she met our deadline with ease and grace. 


We will definitely continue to use Illumineer Media and Design, to further our branding and growth of The Corporate Change Maker.'


Vanessa Sanders

Founder of The Corporate Changemaker

Website: http://www.thecorporatechangemaker.com

Website construction pending elsewhere


Illumineer Media & Design Collaborator | Lena Ski

'lllumineer Yollie was wedged herself into the blueprint of The Global Movement Summit - An Intuitive Incubator + Online Showcase Platform + Conscious Branding Ecosystem designed to help Purpose Centred Entrepreneurs unlock their next level purpose, live their brand, make the change, and lead their business.


In all the things she has created (Illumineer Media & Design), and all the things that have yet to be revealed (shhhhh, it's our little secret), this pioneering creative soul lands a spot in both our inner (inner) fold + Make Shift Team + Alchemical Agency of note. And the rest of that would be telling ... 


And on a personal note, it's an honour for this SuperNova to meet such a rare pallete of wonder in such a grey scale world. Predicting a lot of star dust and glitter bombs in her tomorrows. 


So how did we get here? 


Well, here's what I do know. Yolanda Brand reached out to me, stirred by something I said. I'm not sure if it was via The SuperNova Podcast or The Global Movement Summit. She felt something tugging at her heart, and a part of her rising up - roaring to be revealed. And so it started, with a conversation, and then another, and then a deep dive, and then a vortex. 


I'm honoured to be able to work with Illumineer Yollie, and can honestly say that her story has been (and continues to be) one of personal transformation. I'm honoured to be trusted with her dreams, and on her purpose team. 


Here's to onwards, inwards, upwards with Purpose


with love'


Lena Ski

Executive Producer, Evolutionary Entrepreneur and real life SuperNova 

Owner and Founder of The Global Movement Summit and LenaSki.com





Illumineer Media & Design Collaborator | Wendy Ward

'I met Yolanda through my Intuitive CoLab circle! Well what do you know! 

And we started working together after she kindly offered me a gift of her services. She is the cat’s whiskers!  I love her creativity, her mind and her passion! 

Yolanda has worked on all the design features of my website. It has been AMAZING working with her. Check out my Slideshare Presentation. This is Yolanda's work. And of course the Headers and Event Banners are all her

and her and I are doing the synergy dance.'

And love this one!


How did you do all of this before you even received last email (which you can now ignore).  Just totally awesome – I am going back to look again. 
 Thank you xxxxxx'


Wendy Ward

Coach, Speaker, Writer, Alchemist, Owner and Founder of Presilience

as well as Meta-Morphic Coaching

Website: http://presilience.world


Illumineer Media & Design Client |Colleen Qvist

'I have the pleasure of being a client of Illumineer Media and  have been so impressed with the service offered to me, CQ Consulting and The Pink Diamond Club.   Yolanda is amazing for a number of reasons-
1) She knows all the conventional promotion and PR methods
2) She is extremely creative and is willing to see life outside of the conventional box referred to in point 1
3) Yolanda is authentic and a woman of her word - she does what she says she will
4) Yolanda is very detail orientated and keeps track of the multitude of little things that make a company great
5) Yolanda is an implementer - after research, she executes our plans
6) Yolanda has a heart that serves and is passionate about making a difference in the world
7) Yolanda understands my brand and is able to represent that brand professionally and get results
I can unreservedly recommend Yolanda and Illumineer Media.

Colleen Qvist

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Blogger, Owner & Founder of CQ Consulting

as well as The Pink Diamond Club

Website: http://cqconsulting.co.za/pink-diamond-club


Illumineer Media & Design Client | Aurelie Lemiere


'Big Thanks to ‎IllumineerMedia‬ & Design for the work that you do.
Illumineer Yollie is the most amazing creative & fast designer I know.


She can take your business brand to its next level purpose and to where you want it to go through digital marketing+promote it in the most remarkable and effective ways.

She has done wonders for #VoiceTheChange and I am so honored and grateful to have you as a collaborative partner.  I am so excited for our new journey together. '


Aurélie Lemière

Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology Wellness Coach, Owner & Founder of Voice The Change

Website: http://voicethechange.co/ 


Illumineer Media & Design Client | Laura Kirsten


'Yolanda Brand from Illumineer Media has a gift of listening to me, translating my ideas into amazing works of art.


She produces artwork for Hospice East Rand that takes me right out of my comfort zone and gives life and colour to every fundraising project that I work on.


I love her bold use of colour and unusual design and this makes our awareness in the community stand out. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.'


Laura Kirsten

Hospice East Rand PRO and Fundraiser

Website: http://hospiceeastrand.co.za/ 



And this from a prospective future client, which just adds to my YAY! too:

'One day, when the time is right, I would love to work with you.

Love what you stand for and uphold.'




Isn't it time to showcase You and your Brand in a more optimal way?

Let's connect and have a creative conversation about enhancing your Visual Branding.


Illumineer Media & Design Client | Rock Your Life

'Illumineer Media + Design is a valuable, colourful partner to Rock Your Life.
Yolanda is our administration guru for all our global events & client liaisons.


She handles all our social media, intuitive content curation and design, and

our general admin such as payments, client interactions and event bookings.

Yolanda loves to interview and meet our clients from around the world and making a difference for people every day with the work that she does.'


Mike Handcock 

Ex-Rockstar, Acclaimed Speaker, Author

and Chairman & Founder of Rock Your Life
Website: http://www.rockyourlife.net

'Your work and designs are absolutely amazing! '


Landi Jac

Owner and Founder of The Consultant Code

Author and Board Member of Rock Your Life

Website: http://www.theconsultantcode.com


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