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Lena Ski
Illumineer Media & Design Collaborator | Lena Ski

This Supernova, Lena Ski is exactly this type of person in my life as well as that of others that I personally know and have met through her. 

Lena has been connecting with luminaries, trendsetters, movers and shakers, and thought leaders around the globe - via

The Global Movement and new collabo-rations.  In that process, she has started connecting the dots on the evolution of NEW AGE business models, CONSCIOUS branding, AUTHENTIC marketing and PURPOSEFUL innovations and the true meaning of Sustainability.

If you are looking for a life purpose & business mentor and an empowerment coach that will guide you every step of the way,

look no further. 

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Is there a creative project that you would like to collaborate on?  Let's have a conversation about how to put some more creative magic into the world, together.

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