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Bring excitement and magic to your online / digital  Visuals & Imagery with this Fun online Course which is a series of Creative Play Dates!


The design of your branding and imagery is your brand's visual voice and fashion style. Visuals should be distinctive, engaging and evoke an emotional connection that reflects you and the quality of your product or service offered. 


With 3 x one hour, one-on-one Online consultations,  I will share my own little secrets on how to use Canva, a free graphic design online software, along with free stock imagery to create beautiful content that will bring WOW to your online presence across multiple platforms.  

Learn to design your own magical social media posts, blog graphics, presentations, posters, flyers or create your own custom dimension design in no time!


What this course offers You:


  • 3 separate hours of One-on-One Consultation with detailed show-and-tell information sharing.
  • An overview of how Canva works and how to access all free aspects
  • Practical, step-by-step, creative play dates that will show you how to create your own beautiful visuals with Canva
  • Where to find free eye-catching stock-images and additions
  • Where to find awesome graphic design inspiration for your next  project
  • A practical assignment to create your own visuals that will be reviewed with positive, constructive feedback on how to improve the overall effect.


Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs / Startups / Solo Small Business Owners / Freelancers / Consultants
  • Digital / Online Marketers / Enthusiastic Social Media users
  • Aspiring Graphic Designers 


Buy this product for yourself or pay it Forward as a Gift to someone who requires this kind of magic.


Additional Add-on Content Design Consultations are available on request.


  • This course does not include a Branding Strategy or determining what your Visual Online Presence should be.
  • For in-depth assistance to showcase who you or your business are to your best advantage, please see the ''Personal Branding - Define Your Visual Online Roarrr'' Consultation product and it's VIP alternative which will be published soon.



First to connect is first to have a Play Date, as from 5 January 2017! :-)

Pre-Book your first hour with Illumineer Yollie as of 5 January 2017.

A link to schedule your appointment will be made available to you after your purchase. 

 Timezone: GMT+2


LIVE PRIVATE ONLINE COURSE: How to Design Your Own Beautiful Content

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  • Pre-Book your first Creative Online Play Date as from 5 January 2017.

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